10 Tips to meet people along the way and be safe

Travel is made up of moments of sharing. Traveling alone does not mean not sharing and getting bored. In reality, we are never completely alone, there are many opportunities that lead us to interact with new people and make friends with strangers, more than we would do in our hometown.

The best part of any trip goes beyond unique landscapes, tourist attractions and naturalistic excursions: is just meeting people, sharing emotions, experiences, doubts and laughter.

How to meet people while traveling solo?

Before any kind of friendship born while traveling, there are two perfect strangers who meet randomly and share a path. No matter long or short it is.

Meeting new people on a trip is a great way to learn about new cultures and at the same time get to know better yourself. Have you ever thought about cultural stereotypes and how we look different in the eyes of other countries?

Leaving without a travel mate is not synonymous with loneliness and melancholy.

It means managing your time as you want following your own rhythm without compromise. If the biggest concern is not being able to overcome the barrier of shyness and making new friends on the road, here you can find 10 useful tips to meet people during your solo trips:

1. Hang out in tourist spots and talk to strangers

The areas mainly frequented by tourists are the best place to have a word with other travelers. Try asking to help you to take a picture or information about how to get to the nearest metro station. If you hear a few words that sound quite familiar, try asking a question in their language. Remember that some tourists are skeptical about talking to strangers on the street. If you notice a cold and detached attitude, do not insist, you may end up looking intrusive.

2. Join local events

Have you ever thought about using Meetup while traveling? The platform was created to help people to make friends and share some interests in common. The creation of groups and events is generated by the community and there are several categories of events. For example: outdoor activities, wellness, art, foreign languages, photography, dance, hobbies and cooking. Just sign up and choose the event near you. Try searching for festivals, conferences, exhibitions and concerts in the area. You have the opportunity to share a common interest and make new friends during your trip!

3. Join Facebook groups

Once again, technology is on our side. Facebook, the most used social platform, is full of groups dedicated to travelers where you can exchange tips on must-see destinations, useful information on airlines, share your experiences and make friends with other travelers. Take a look at the different groups, follow the conversations and give some advice: you will make a contribution to the community and also find new travel companions!

4. Hang around bars and travelers spots

The online solution to know people can help you, but there is nothing better than going beyond shyness and making friends in the street. If you love the nightlife, go to bars, meeting places for travelers and start a conversation! Don’t be afraid of talking to strangers, share travel experiences or even a dinner out… After all, advice from those who are quite familiar with a certain area or have already had experiences with agencies and local tours are always appreciated. It is important to make friends with other travelers, but do not trust too much and reveal private information that could compromise your security. Always follow your gut.

5. Book a room with AirBnb or use Couchsurfing

Staying in a hotel room can give you a sense of security but you can hardly make friends in the lobby. Try different accommodations, for example book a room with AirBnb or a couch through Couchsurfing and share the house with the host. No one better than local people can recommend you places to see, trains to take and cheap supermarkets in the surrounding.

6. Take part in tours or local classes

Whatever the destination, there will always be agencies offering packaged tours and typical experiences. Book an excursion, a guided tour or why not, a cooking class! You can also take the opportunity to study a new language or improve it with the help of the locals. There will be opportunities to meet people and discover new cultures from other points of view. Many friendships were born from sharing interests and passions!

7. Stay in a hostel

When thinking about the cheapest accommodation, the youth hostel comes to mind first. It has greatly changed from what it was in the past and nowadays, many hostels offer additional services comparable to higher-level accommodations. Besides being a low-budget solution, the hostel is a meeting point for young people to make friends and have fun. Many places organize theme evenings and guided trips to create a familiar and warm atmosphere among their guests.

8. Take public transport

Have you ever considered that moving from one side of the city to another could be a way to meet new people? By taking a taxi, the possibilities are almost limited, but by bus or train, you can spend the time of the ride having a conversation with people sitting next to you. Who knows who you will meet! A local resident who can show you less-known places, a commuter to share some experiences with, a traveler to continue the journey with or a potential partner… the possibilities are endless! Take courage, shy traveler, strike up a conversation!

9. Do volunteering

Not just a way to make friends and learn about the local culture, volunteering can be an opportunity to give added value to your trip and help others. There is nothing better than than having fun with the awareness of doing good!

10. Working in coworking spaces

The tips for making friends on the road are not limited only to those who move from country to country for leisure, but also for all freelancers, digital nomads and remote workers who stay in a new location. Instead of working in a hotel lobby or hostel room, search for a shared office where you can devote yourself to your business. A coworking space is designed to share spaces, desks, wi-fi connections and coffee machines with other workers. Between a project and a meeting, you will have the opportunity to network and find ideas for your business!

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