How to fit backpack torso length

Adapting the backpack to your physical shape is essential to balance the backpack weight as it will not harm your backbone. In this guide, you will learn the main features of the back systems and how to correctly fit Royal Eagle Road Himalaya 65-liter backpack.

In the previous posts, we have created a glossary of all the parts that make up the backpack, we have examined how to distribute the weight correctly, how to adjust the shoulder straps and the hip belt. Now you will learn how to properly fit the torso length of Himalaya 65-liter backpack.

Adjustable length backpack vs fixed torso length backpack

There are different backpacks designed for specific uses: a trekking backpack will have suitable characteristics to accompany you along paths and will be different from a climbing backpack. We discovered the differences between the various types of backpacks in the guide “How to choose a backpack“.

We can distinguish between backpacks with adjustable torso length and backpacks with fixed torso length.

Backpack with fixed torso

  • Ideal for carrying light loads
  • Weight: light
  • Rigid internal frame: no

A backpack with a fixed torso can have a small or large size and cannot adjust its length. These models do not contain a rigid internal frame so they are lighter. Backpacks up to 50 liters with fixed torso are not suitable for containing particularly heavy loads. A different story for large backpacks which, if not equipped with an adjustable back panel, could be uncomfortable to carry.


Backpack with fixed torso – Brigante 28 liter

Backpack with adjustable torso

  • Ideal for carrying heavy loads
  • Weight: medium
  • Rigid internal frame: yes

Backpacks with adjustable torsos are generally large and you can adapt them to your physical shape. The internal frame runs vertically along with the back panel, keeping it stable and transferring the weight evenly to the shoulders and hips. This structure ensures greater stability but adds weight to the backpack. Since the advantage of backpacks with the adjustable torso is that you can fit it to your physical shape, different family members or a group of friends can wear the same backpack.


Backpack with adjustable torso – Himalaya 65 liter

Back systems: features to consider

If the back panel of the backpack is completely flat, it adheres completely to the backbone, limiting the air circulation. It is precisely for this reason that the back panels are padded and covered in mesh, thus creating a space that allows the passage of air. The padding of the backrest can be located in different areas, creating ventilation channels and supporting specific areas such as external areas and lumbar area. Each backpack is different as well as the back panels, but whatever the model is, a goodventilation system is a feature to consider.

The back panel of the backpack or the backrest is closely connected to the shoulder straps and the hip belt. Both parts need to be resistant since they are the parts of the backpack that will support the load. At the same time, they need to be padded to cushion the weight and not scratch the skin. As they are essential parts to properly distribute the weight, read our article on how to adjust the backpack. Adequate padding ensures comfort and well-being for the whole body.

As you can see, the backrest of the backpack deserves special attention and affects the movements. A good quality backpack, equipped with a valid back system, will be an excellent purchase that will last you years.

How to fit Royal Eagle Road backpack torso length?

Our Himalaya 65-liter backpack has an adjustable back panel that allows you to adapt it to your physical stature in a simple way, just as shown in the photo.

1. To lower the torso length, slightly lift the backrest padding and pull the strap. On the contrary, To raise the torso length, loosen the belt using the adjuster.

2. Once you fit the torso length, insert the padding under the lumbar pad.

These are two simple steps that allow you to adapt the back panel to the physical height of the user. Once the back adheres comfortably, you can move on to adjusting the shoulder straps, the hip belt and the straps.

The load belts should form a 45 ° angle to the horizontal plane. If the angle is greater or lesser, the backrest is not correctly adjusted. The goal of correctly adjusting the length of the backrest is to be able to distribute most of the weight on the hips and not on the shoulders.

In the post how to adjust a backpack you can find all the steps described in detail and tips from expert hikers to make the most of your backpack. To know the parts that make up the backpack, you can consult our glossary.

Our backpacks have features that make them suitable for both travel and hiking and the padding ensures comfort even after several hours of use. Discover our Brigante 28 liter, Santiago 45 liter and Himalaya 65 liter versions.

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