Monocular guide: Attach the smartphone and care of the lenses

Monocular guide: How to attach the smartphone holder and take care of the lenses

Royal Eagle Road 12×50 mm monocular telescope is equipped with tripods and phone holder that is compatible with most smartphones on the market. The package includes: monocular, tripods, smartphone holder, carrying case, cleaning cloth, wrist strap and instructions.


monocular can be used without any support, mounted on a tripod or attached to
smartphone holder.

  • When observing with the monocular, adjust the focus dial wheel at the top until the image appears sharp and clear. This allows the use of the monocular with or without glasses.
  • For more stable observations, screw the tripods to the threaded attachment on the bottom of the monocular.
  • The smartphone holder included in the package is compatible with most smartphones on the market to let you capture the best moments with your camera. Connect your phone to the monocular in 5 simple steps.


Step 1. Put the phone on the holder and adjust the width with the horizontal knob.

Step 2. Adjust the camera aiming to the circular opening of the adapter and turn the side knob to fix the angle of the phone.

Step 3. Remove the wrist strap and screw the tripod thread under the monocular. Make sure that the monocular is stable standing on a flat surface and the tripod is connected firmly.

Step 4. Connect the eyepiece of the monocular to the smartphone holder through circular movements and fix the phone. In this way, it is not necessary to put your eye close to the monocular as the image will be visible from the phone’s camera.

Step 5. Open the camera and zoom the image to remove the black corners and adjust the focus dial ring to have a clearer vision.



The monocular does not require particular maintenance but to ensure long life and optimal performance over time, it is necessary to protect it during and after each use. The lenses cannot be repaired or replaced, for this reason, you need to pay more attention.

The monocular has two lenses: the ocular lens and the objective lens and both must be kept clean to ensure maximum visibility. This does not mean that you have to clean them after each use, but on the contrary, frequent cleaning can scratch the lens and damage the external coatings.

To remove dirt or fingerprints, use a microfiber cloth and gently wipe in a circular motion. The use of rough cloth, paper products, such as tissue paper or toilet paper or unnecessary rubbing can scratch the surface of the lens causing permanent damage.

As an alternative to the microfiber cloth, you can also use the glasses cloth which is ideal for delicate lenses.

For more thorough cleaning, use a photographic type detergent or isopropyl alcohol. Always apply the cleaning liquid to the delicate cloth (as described above) and never directly to the lens. Do not use glass cleaners as they may damage the lens coating.

Even if it is water-resistant, do not immerse the monocular in any type of liquid because this could create condensation inside.


The external lenses cannot be replaced so you need to protect them with the special lens covers included in the package. This is to prevent dust, sand, dirt and humidity from reaching inside. Our monocular has the lens cover attached to the body so you don’t lose them and can easily close when not in use.

The wrist strap ensures a firmer grip even on the move and during outdoor activities to avoid the risk of falls and breakage of the monocular.

When not in use, store the monocular in its protective case in a cool and dry place, away from direct sunlight. Avoid violent impacts with hard surfaces when placing the monocular.


Your monocular telescope has 2 built-in features – light and laser beam.

The light can reach 3ft/1m and the laser can reach 5000ft/1500m distance. To activate the functioning, press the buttons at the top.

The compass is located on the top for the orientation during excursions.


The monocular includes batteries for the light and laser functioning. To remove it, just open the small lid located on the upper part and unscrew the battery. The charge can last up to one year of usage, according to the usage.

Our package includes a 12×50 mm monocular telescope, tripods, smartphone holder, carrying case, cleaning cloth, wrist strap and instructions. Give it a look!

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