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Royal Eagle Road is an italian brand of backpacks and travel accessories born in the mind of a female traveler: dreamer, adventurer, curious to explore new destinations and different cultures. The inspiration comes from the passion for the backpacking trip, out of the comfort zone, surrounded by nature. The search for unique experiences, lead us to off the beaten paths, far from mass tourism. This is the concept of travel that underlies it.

Now let me talk a little about me. I am Eleonora and I come from Abruzzo, in the province of L’Aquila. Since I was a child, I have always been fascinated by the idea of ​​exploring the world far and wide and getting to know different cultures. First of all the Asian ones.

After a couple of years living in China and traveling with my backpack for Southeast Asia, I started wondering how to create something that could embrace my passions and my skills. I looked at my first travel backpack and thought: “Well, maybe it could be more comfortable and more functional!”

I spent months collecting travel records, rearranging photos taken during the last trips, interviewing travelers and attentively studying the characteristics of the backpacks most appreciated by travelers. Once the idea was starting to take shape, I started designing the models of the backpacks. My goal was to make them versatile, functional and give them a unique personality.

But I will talk about this shortly.


Most of my travels are solo. It is not because I don’t like the company, on the contrary: I love meeting people along my paths, sharing the experience with other travelers, immersing myself in new cultures and speaking different languages. It’s just a different way to travel. A sense of freedom to explore the world with a backpack on the shoulders and learn something new every single day.

The memory of the first solo trip lasts forever: doubts, fears, uncertainties and then happiness, enthusiasm, desire for freedom. In short, strong emotions. It was exactly during one of those solo trips that I had this idea: ​​creating a brand that could embrace different types of products that can accompany me and other travelers to discover the world. Starting from the backpacks.


If one head had the idea, several hands carried out the project. There are some collaborators but my sidekick is Marialuigia, partner and co-founder of the Royal Eagle Road. Involving her in this new project means bringing to life a business run by women, by two sisters.

We have always dreamed big and as the project started to take shape, our collaboration has become fundamental. I approached this sector with a lot of curiosity, having more and more the pleasure of getting to know different people and cultures, learning new languages, exploring near and far countries and shortening the geographical and cultural distances.

We have two different personalities, each of us with our own skills but we walk in the same direction.

Why not combine the professional career with the practice? Lifelong learning is essential for me. For this reason, I continue to study and enrich myself with knowledge.By combining our ideas and knowledge, we passed from designing the backpack to creating an online store.

We care about travelers, we like to give them advice, share travel experiences and propose products close to their needs. “


The name Royal Eagle Road comes from our concept of travel. Travelers are like free, independent, strong and determined eagleswho explore the world from ever new perspectives. There is no storm that can stop the eagle’s flight, just as there is no difficulty that travelers cannot overcome. It is precisely from this metaphor that we took inspiration: the traveler like the royal eagle.

The eagle represents inspiration, freedom, courage, determination, speed and loyalty. We believe these traits correspond to adventurous travelers.

The road is seen as a metaphor for the life path of everyone, both figurative and real. An invitation to step out of the comfort zone and walk off the beaten path.


As mentioned above, we designed the backpacks according to our trip experience as backpackers.

We wanted to create products with a modern and functional design that would embody the travel concept we have. We love the simplicity and for this reason, the backpacks can adapt easily to hiking, trekking and travel thanks to the features that make them versatile.

Before putting our products on the market, we test them, evaluate the materials and functionality. We have decided not to follow the fashion trends that require different colors, styles and fabrics for each season of the year. We consider appropriate to enhance the quality of the materials, the characteristics of the backpacks and the plain colors in order to be timeless.

Welcome in our shop!

Royal Eagle Road

Unconventional Exploring

  • 28-liters-trekking-and-travel-backpack-
    Brigante 28 L backpack


  • 45-liters-trekking-and-travel-backpack-
    Santiago 45 L backpack


  • 65-liters-trekking-and-travel-backpack-
    Himalaya 65 L backpack


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