The backpack metaphor

The analogy of the backpack and the usefulness of things

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What is in your backpack?

The backpacking trip hides something fascinating, a kind of meaning that goes beyond the shoulder straps and the padded backrest. Each traveler gives a different value to the travel backpack: for some people, it is simply a bag fixed on the frame, for others it is an adventure companion while for others it takes on a completely different meaning.

The backpack has always been associated with the idea of ​​travel, greater contact with the world, freedom, independence and minimalism. What matters most is not the shape or the color, but the content inside.

Each traveler chooses what is necessary and what is superfluous. With the experience, you can learn that a bulky backpack is difficult to carry and, in addition to being uncomfortable, it risks hurting our body. We cannot imagine the path we will walk but we can choose what to carry and how much weight to put on our shoulders.

Preparing a backpack and finding the right compromise between utility, load and stability is an art. Facing the daily challenges of life is actually very similar.


The backpack has limited space for you to carry everything needed to be independent. The size and weight that we can bear on our shoulders leave no space for unnecessary things. It is a kind of minimalist attitude. This leads us to choose what to bring and what to leave, putting us in front of a choice of what is really useful and what can be replaced. We manage to carry on our shoulders up to a certain weight, exceeded that kilos walking becomes unpleasant. Rather it is fundamental to learn how to travel light.

In some way, preparing the backpack means setting priorities: you will carry only what is really useful, and let the superfluous outside. There are no alternatives. It is a sort of reflection that allows us to understand what we really need and what we don’t.

Our path

Now think a little about everyday life. Don’t you think that the backpack we carry on a trip can be compared to everything we carry in our lifetime?

Along our path, thoughts, sensations, emotions, memories, expectations and passions become part of us. Years and years to collect something along the path that we rarely throw away: maybe because of habit, laziness or fear. The backpack gets heavier and heavier.

In the same way, the weight of the backpack increases because of everything that we do not really need, what does not belong to us and what does not bring us benefits. Rather, it risks hindering our way of walking.

A too light backpack will give us the feeling of emptiness while a heavy backpack will hinder our movements. Everyone will choose how much weight to carry and how to balance what is inside.

It is exactly at that moment that we need to take a break to bring out all the contents of the backpack and change the priorities. The greater the weight we carry on our shoulders, the more difficult our walking is.

The backpack is our personal space and the experience teaches us how to fill it with positivity.

Our philosophy

We believe that the backpack is more than just a backpack, it is a metaphor for life. The lighter you travel, the happier you are.

The philosophy behind backpacking is obviously minimalism, but this should be seen as reducing the material objects that oppress us, weigh us down and make us sad. On the road, every purchase takes on a functional value rather than an aesthetic one.

We at Royal Eagle Road have always considered a backpack as something more than simple baggage to carry on the road. That’s the reason why we have decided to design new models and create a new brand. We do not want to be a simple travel and trekking backpacks shop but to convey a passion born from many backpacking trips.

Our experience has led us to design functional backpacks that adapt both to mountain excursions and city trips, thus making the models more versatile and resistant. The backrests and the shoulder straps of all three backpacks are padded with mesh to ensure freedom of movement and cushion the weight.

Discover in detail our Brigante 28 liter, Santiago 45 liter and Himalaya 65 liter. We ship in Europe!

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