Why choose a backpack for your next trip?

The pros and cons of a trip without a trolley

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Each traveler is different: who prefer a trolley and who do not give up the practicality of a backpack to carry on their shoulders. The choice of one or the other is a matter of opinion.

Let’s find out the right solution for every traveler.



Among the main reasonswhy more and more travelers decide to travel with a backpack, there are
certainly ease of movement and ease of transport. Especially in highly crowded
places, the backpack is the best solution to avoid hitting here and there.Have you ever tried to drag a trolley through the crowded streets of Hong Kong? Maybe a backpack would be a better idea!


In extremely frequented areas, the trolley may prove impractical to move and difficult to keep under control. The backpack, on the other hand, can be safer. When it comes to small sizes such as 25-30 liter, you can also carry it in front of you to have everything under control and keep it protected from pickpockets.

Always make sure that the backpack zippers are closed and that the fabric is resistant to tearing so as to avoid someone could use a cutting tool to extract the contents. Always keep your valuables and documents handy in the frontal pockets or under your clothes.


Compared to a hard rolling suitcase, the backpack can be compressed to fit the different spaces available. It is more convenient on public transports to place it easily under the seats, in the train compartments and so on.


How many times do you need to answer the phone, take a picture or look at a map but your hands ae busy dragging the rolling suitcase? The main advantage of traveling with a backpack is to have hands free while walking. Not bad, eh?


The backpack can be lighter than the trolley because of the structure itself and, due to the stretchable fabric of the backpack, in some cases, it is even more spacious. Before leaving, remember to check the size and the weight standards allowed by the airline you are flying with. Read our post on how to travel light.


Most of the backpacks are equipped with strings, hooks, bungee cords, carabiners, straps, small pockets and many other particular features that allow easier and practical transportation. If there are many loose gear straps, do not let them sway here and there as the backpack could get stuck. For this reason, before embarking it at the airport, it is good practice to tie straps and laces, alternatively, cover it with a rain cover or plastic-wrap it.



Carrying your backpack on your shoulders all day long, you know it could be very tiring, especially if it is extremely heavy. Make sure the backpack shoulder straps are padded enough to cushion the weight. The greater the space available, the stronger the temptation to fill it with useless things. Always use the “less is more” technique and choose the most minimalist solution to prepare your backpack, remember that you can buy what you forgot once arrived at the destination!


A common problem of people traveling to hot places with high temperatures is breathability.  Choose backpacks with a breathable mesh back panel that keeps your back dry even after long hours of walking under the scorching sun.


The first mistake for some backpackers is choosing a larger capacity than actually needed. There is no ideal dimension that adapts to every kind of trip, it depends on the destination, the length of your stay and what you need to bring.

For example, for a weekend getaway, a 20-30 liter is great for a couple of clothes. Different story for several months traveling, in this case, a 65 liter would be suitable to bring everything you need without being too bulky. Once optimized the space available in the backpack and packed only what you really need, you can buy other things directly at the destination.

Before buying a backpack, keep in mind these three points:

  • PLACE: Where are you going? What is the average temperature at the destination? What activities are you going to do?
  • DURATION: How long will you stay away?
  • THINGS NEEDED: What do you really need during your trip? Can you leave something at home? Have you chosen reusable and multifunctional items to save space? Can you buy something directly at the destination?

Featured backpack: Brigante 28 liter with padded backrest and hydration tube hole



No one likes traveling with a dripping backpack and wet clothes packed inside. Make sure the backpack is made of waterproof fabric to protect your clothing and personal items in all weather conditions. Don’t forget to buy a waterproof cover that fits the size of the backpack (if it’s not already included).

To better isolate wet clothing from your backpack and not let it come into contact with all your things, take a look at our waterproof dry bags designed keeping in mind this feature.


Every traveler’s nightmare is to end up with a backpack full of scratches and rips in the middle of the trip. The material of a high-quality backpack needs to be strong, abrasion and tear-resistant. For example, all our backpacks are made of ripstop polyester, a reinforced material that resists tearing and ripping.


Take time to choose a backpack with a padded back panel and shoulder straps: you need to feel comfortable while walking as it will be your travel companion! Choose a model according to your travel as well as your body shape. Do not think that all backpacks are the same: before buying, compare the size of the back panel with your back.


A backpack should be easy to open, even better if equipped with various zippers and openings to store all your things neatly. A better organization can help you not to take out all your things from the backpack when searching for something. You can also divide your clothes, electronic devices, shoes, cosmetics into separate packing cubes and write a label about what is contained inside.


The internal compartments of the backpack can be very useful to organize your things and keep them tidy. Use the bottom frontal pocket to store your sleeping bag, shoes or damp clothes to separate them from the clothing. Use the hip belt pockets to store small items such as keys, coins, snacks and earphones.


Trekking backpacks are designed with straps and hooks to hang equipment such as trekking poles, ice axes, sleeping bags and sleeping pads. If you are not planning to go hiking but traveling, you can still use them to hang anoraks, umbrellas and bottles of water.


To ensure greater visibility when traveling at night or cycling, some backpacks are made of reflective material. This is not a key feature but having reflective bands certainly guarantees you greater safety.

All our backpacks have front and rear reflective bands to ensure visibility

What are you waiting for living your next adventure? Give a look at Royal Eagle Road backpacks and find the most suitable model for your next trip. We ship in Europe.

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