The 9 space-saving tips to live at the fullest your next trip!

“On the next trip, I bring only the essentials and travel light!” “If I had brought an outfit less, now I would have had space for some typical souvenirs!” How many times have we said that?

Before each trip the same scenario: we stare at the backpack for hours and hours and throw in everything that passes through our hands “just in case I will need it” and we end up traveling with super heavy loads, hoping that no one will stop us at the airport for excess weight.

Do you really need to carry everything? We assume that wherever you go in the world, you can buy everything you need. Forgot the shower gel or one shirt more? They won’t affect your holiday so don’t worry, travel light and carry only the essentials.

Essentials for travels

  • TRAVEL DOCUMENTS. Make sure you have prepared your passport (and first of all be sure it is valid), a visa if required and an identity card. The various bookings are also fundamental, including flight, hotel, transfer and pass.
  • HEALTH INSURANCE. Don’t forget it on your bedside table, health insurance can really save your life on the road!
  • MONEY AND CREDIT CARDS. Finding yourself traveling without a euro in your wallet and with demagnetized credit cards could ruin your holiday. Make sure everything is in the wallet, the credit cards are working, are valid and enabled for withdrawals abroad.
  • ELECTRONIC DEVICES. Because of security issues, it would be better to leave at home all the expensive electronic devices and last generation computers, but nowadays we often cannot live without technology. Phones, cameras, Kindle and tablets, just to mention a few. Just bring what you need and don’t forget a magazine and the adapter.
  • PERSONAL ITEMS. According to your needs and destination, bring with you products for hygiene and personal care as well as a first-aid kit and necessary medicines.
  • CLOTHES. Well, clothing is very subjective. The choice is up to you!

Can I really travel light?

Of course anyone can!

There are travelers with a minimalist attitude, a kind of “I prepare a couple of things and leave”. In order words: less is more. For others, however, it is a real challenge.

Whatever your way of traveling, follow our space-saving tips to reduce the volume of your backpack and really start traveling light without changing your lifestyle.

1. Prepare clothes that do not make folds and neutral tones

The best outfits are those that do not need to be ironed, you can wear them without being afraid of unpleasant wrinkles and folds. Yes to t-shirts, leggings and shorts in neutral tones that can easily combine with each other giving you a brand new look every day.

2. One outfit a day

Do not overdo clothing, one combination per day is enough. Get into the habit of dressing in layers if you don’t know what the weather will be. If you need something specific, you will buy it on the arrival and you will have a souvenir more of your holiday!

3. Multi-function accessories

When you have little space available, multi-function accessories are a must. Imagine if the bag or document holder you are carrying with you could be adapted to various situations so as to save weight and not bring a lot of things. For example, find out a small cooling towel that, in addition to the classic function, can also give refresh your body in case of high temperatures.

Versatile cooling towel

4. Shoes suitable for various occasions

Like the previous point, the same multifunctional characteristic goes for shoes, unless business meetings or special events planned, bring a pair of comfortable shoes suitable for long afternoon walks, excursions outside the city and evenings with friends. Don’t forget your flip-flops to take a shower!

5. Share something with your travel companion

If you plan to travel with a mate, balance the weight of the backpacks by sharing some stuffs and optimizing the spaces. If possible, share non-strictly personal products such as hair dryers, shower gel, shampoo, coffee maker and anything that comes to your mind.

6. Wear bulky clothes on you

To save space inside the backpack, select the heaviest and bulkiest clothes and wear them on the plane: sweatshirts, winter jackets and heavy jeans are included in the list. If you decide to leave in summer with a soft goose-feather jacket, be prepared to attract the attention of the whole airport!

7. Bring only what you are sure to wear

Banned old faded t-shirts that you haven’t been wearing since high school, uncomfortable shoes that risk ruining your vacation or bulky books that are taking dust on the bedside table waiting for you to read them. Bring with you only the clothes you feel comfortable with and what you really need.

8. Do the laundry

Instead of packing an infinite number of t-shirts and socks, do your laundry! Get used to hand-washing the most delicate fabrics or using a washing machine at least once a week so that you will always have clean clothes ready to be worn. Did you know our dry bag can be used also to do laundry on the go?

9. Choose the right size of the backpack

The greater the capacity of the backpack, the greater the content and the temptation to carry useless stuff. If you really can’t narrow down your choice, try reducing your backpack size and travel light! A 28 liter can be used for a weekend, a 45 liter for a couple of weeks while a 65 liter for whole months on the road.

At Royal Eagle Road we suggest you different sizes suitable both for urban travel and outdoor activities. Give them a look, we ship in Europe!

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