The guide for a perfect laundry while traveling

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When we plan a trip, one of the first problems we face is not knowing what to bring and how to dress. “What will the weather be like? Let’s take a couple more t-shirts, just in case”. How many times have we said that?

When traveling, the space available is really limited, so proper organization of the backpack is essential to avoid the risk of carrying superfluous things and exceeding the maximum weight allowed by the airlines.

Just think
about what you really need and don’t carry clothes that you don’t wear anymore:
if you don’t feel comfortable in your city with the plaid sweatshirt, how could
it be used on travel?

By limiting the number of clothes but washing them regularly, you realize that your backpack will be more spacious, light and practical to hold on your back for days of adventure. In other words, pack light.

Choose a
couple of outfits but make sure they are comfortable, made of breathable
material and with neutral colors for an easier combination. Synthetic fibers
dry faster than cotton, so doing laundry on the go it’s a piece of cake!

To avoid running out of garments, get into the habit of washing your day’s clothes at night before you go to sleep and be careful where and how you lay them … It’s not so funny to wake up in the morning and find a puddle under your feet and clothes all crumpled!

How to was clothes while traveling?

Here are our suggestions for impeccable laundry whenever you are:


This is the fastest way to wash clothes while traveling but not very comfortable if the bathroom is shared with other guests. In supermarkets all over the world, you can buy liquid and powder detergents of small size, suitable for a few washes. Doing that, you will not need to carry unnecessary weight with you and when you will not need it anymore you can give it to other travelers … It is always nice to share kindness!

  • Cost: Free
  • Pros: Fast and suitable for underwear, swimwear and T-shirts
  • Cons: Not practical for large quantities of clothes


As long as the sink is well cleaned and sanitized, you can choose to wash your clothes by soaking them in hot water with a little detergent and taking care of your clothes. Sometimes you just need to ask the hotel or hostels that provide laundry detergents. This option is not recommended for shared bathrooms.

  • Cost: Free
  • Pros: Convenient for small garments with delicate fabrics
  • Cons: Not very hygienic


Many hotels and hostels provide a laundromat. Especially after a long stay, lots of clothes will pile up. This can be the most convenient and fastest way to get your laundry ready in just a few hours.

  • Cost: Variable
  • Pros: Fast and practical for a large number of bulky clothes or garments
  • Cons: The washing machine may not be perfectly clean inside


Travelers on a higher budget can decide to use the services offered by hotels such as washing, drying and ironing. This option is the most expensive but the most suitable for business trips where it is important to wear sophisticated clothing and show a neat look.

  • Cost: Medium – High
  • Pros: Especially suitable for formal clothes, shirts and business suits
  • Cons: Slightly more expensive and not suitable for delicate fabrics


We are used to movies that show us fantastic DIY laundries where people meet, talk and fall in love. Well, the reality is not always like this, but DIY laundromats do really exist! This solution can be convenient if the laundromats are not too far from our accommodation.

  • Cost: Variable
  • Pros: Useful for bulky clothes
  • Cons: Slightly more expensive, waiting times are quite long


A convenient, fast and hygienic solution is washing your clothes in waterproof bags that prevent direct contact of clothes with the common areas. A dry bag can help you to save money compared to the laundromat or the services offered by the hotels or hotels and it can also guarantee greater hygiene and care in washing. It is space-saving and adapts to every journey, ideal also for hand luggage. The dry bag was created as a waterproof bag to protect the contents from water, sand, mud and dust, but considering the waterproof fabric that insulates the inside from the outside, it is perfectly suited to be used for washing clothes on the go.

  • Cost: Free
  • Pros: Hygienic, practical and quick to wash wherever you are, even when camping.
  • Cons: Limited space, you can wash a few clothes at a time.

A dry bag has many usages that (maybe) you still don’t know. Royal Eagle Road proposes you 2 sizes in 2 colors, give them a look!

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