How to use a cooling towel?

Fabric and cooling process

Royal Eagle Road cooling towel is made of polyester and the reason why it is different from a normal towel is the ability to activate a refreshing process in a couple of seconds. This process comes from the material itself and not from chemicals, so it is safe for both adults and children skin.

This fabric absorbs water quickly and releases it slowly creating a cooling effect resulting from the evaporation process. The moisture passes through the fabric and with 3 simple steps it distributes equally over the entire surface of the towel, ensuring a constant release of freshness on the skin. As long as the towel is wet, the constant evaporation creates a cooling sensation.


3 steps to
activate the cooling process:

Step 1. Soak the towel in lukewarm water, ensuring it is clean and unsalted,

Step 2. Squeeze it gently to remove excess water,

Step 3. Shake in the air three times to evenly distribute all the moisture absorbed by the fabric.

The duration of the cooling effect depends on different factors:

  • External temperature,
  • Body temperature,
  • Degree of moisture,
  • Air stream.

Once the towel is dry or the cooling sensation disappears, repeat the three steps to reactivate it again. This means that the towel can be used many times.

In contrast with the cooling towels made of PVA, ours is made of polyester, both dry and wet, it remains soft to the touch, delicate and does not cause skin irritation.


Royal Eagle Road cooling towel is multipurpose because, in addition to the classic function of absorbing water and sweat, it has the particularity of releasing a sensation of constant freshness through the three steps shown above. For this reason, it is suitable for different occasions:

  • Traveling,
  • During trekking and hiking,
  • On the beach,
  • During
    outdoor and sports activities,
  • In hot environments,
  • In
    the gym and in the swimming pool,
  • In
    case of fever, hot flashes and minor sunburns.

Given the
30 x 100 cm dimensions, the towel is ideal around the neck, as a cooling band
for the head, on the shoulders or around the wrists.

Once rolled up, the cooling towel takes up a few grams of weight and a few centimeters of space that make it practical to bring anywhere.


Hand wash the cooling towel before the first use.

To ensure a long lasting effect, wash the towel every time it has been in contact with sweat. Make sure not to immerse it in salty water since the salt, penetrating inside the fabric, alters its refreshing functionality. Look carefully there are no traces of sunscreen or makeup.

We recommend washing the towels by hand with a mild detergent to guarantee unchanged refreshing functionality over time.

When washing, do not use bleach or fabric softener as they reduce the cooling effect and cause the fabric to discolor. The towel does not need to be ironed.

After each use, store it clean and dry.

Stay fresh with the three-pieces set of cooling towels.

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