How to stay fresh while traveling?

Summer is here and the sun puts anyone in a good mood. However, you need to stay fresh while traveling and find some ways to beat the heat.

The sun is a fundamental element for life. Exposure to sunlight promotes the production of vitamin D in the skin, helps our bodies to process calcium maintaining healthy bones, improves mood and strengthens the immune system. We talked about it in the article “The benefits of nature“.

Sudden and prolonged exposure to ultraviolet rays of the sun (also known as UV rays) can be harmful to the eyes, cause rashes, burns and even lead to skin aging. Ultraviolet rays are more intense at certain times of the day (especially from 10 am to 3 pm). Moreover, the intensity varies according to the season and the location (it increases approaching the equator or at high altitudes in the mountains). Even reflective surfaces such as water, snow and glaciers can greatly affect it.

It would be a good idea to prepare the skin for sun exposure before traveling. If this is not possible, once you arrive at your destination, it is important to expose the skin to the sun for a couple of minutes and then gradually increase the duration.

How to stay fresh while traveling

Summer can be scorching, especially in some places. It is essential to defend yourself from the heat and some small habits can really make a difference. We have listed some useful tips to stay fresh while traveling. Keep on reading.

1. Wear appropriate clothing

Prevention starts before the trip. When you prepare your backpack, get information about the climate of the place of destination and prepare the clothing carefully. In warmer countries, choose light, well-ventilated, loose-fitting clothes made of natural fiber such as cotton, linen and viscose that allow the skin to breathe. On the contrary, avoid synthetic fibers such as polyester and nylon that increase body temperature and the skin cannot breathe.

Wear light color clothes (for example white and green absorb less ultraviolet radiation) as dark garments will attract the sun with greater intensity.

2. Protect your head with a wet hat

If your travel plans include mountain trekking and excursions, pay special attention to the sunbeams. Walking in the mountains is amazing, but as going up in altitude the sun’s rays get stronger. To avoid unpleasant sunstrokes and headaches, wet a cotton hat or bring a cooling towel that will give you the feeling of relief when facing the most intense excursions. Once the cooling effect has decreased, just repeat the steps to activate it. It’s not magic but it can help you to beat the heat.

3. Eat light healthy food

On particularly hot days, it is a good habit to eat small portions but several times a day, instead of rich meals. Fruit and vegetables are a good bet as they contain a lot of water.

4. Stay hydratated

On warmer days, our body loses a large amount of fluids through sweating. Sudden headaches, muscle cramps and sudden loss of tone (in severe cases) have often depended on poor hydration and are even more annoying if they affect us while traveling. The different lifestyles, the change of diet often makes us forget to drink as we would if we were at home.

Get used to bringing a reusable water bottle to stay hydrated all day and stay cool. Alternatively, you can add lemon juice and fresh mint to replenish the mineral salts. Give a look at our 350ml and 500ml stainless steel bottle collection.

5. Packed juice: yes or no?

Even packed juice with a label saying 100% fruit juice contains artificial sugar and preservatives. In fact, a large amount of sugar in packed fruit juice can intensify dehydration by drawing water out of the bloodstream and you will feel thirsty again. Better choose fresh fruit or water to replenish the lost fluids.

6. Damp your skin now and then

Think for a moment about the refreshing feeling of dipping into the water after a couple of hours lying in the sun. So pleasant, right? Then, always keep your skin moist and fresh. Even in this case, our cooling towels can give you a feeling of immediate freshness!

7. Stay away from cold food and drinks

On hot days, the temptation to cool off with an ice-cold drink is very strong but can prove dangerous.

When the body is particularly flushed, drinking an iced drink could cause a temperature change inside the stomach and therefore lead to congestion.

Small precautions cab avoid unpleasant health consequences. Instead of adding ice to cold drinks, rather choose a double-layer stainless steel thermal bottle that keeps drinks cool even under the scorching sun.

8. Drink responsibly

It seems the slogan of a campaign to prevent alcohol abuse, but lots of people ignore it. Sipping an ice-cold beer on the beach or a cocktail on a boat with friends can give a pleasant feeling but do not underestimate the hidden risks. Excessive consumption of alcohol and caffeine leads to dehydration.

Have you ever felt thirsty after a night spent sipping drinks from club to club? Imagine it under the sun! Drink responsibly and stay fresh while traveling.

9. Find alternatives to the hottest hours of the day

The expert advice is always the same: “Avoid exposing yourself to the sun during the hottest hours of the day.” The body could weaken more and have significant repercussions on health. Take advantage of the hottest hours to eat at a cool place, recover energy and plan the activities of the afternoon. If you like to make the best use of the time and be active, spend time in the fresh air surrounded by nature or visit indoor places to beat the summer heat.

10. Take care of the phone and electronic devices

This tip is not strictly related to the traveler’s health, but since technology has become an integral part of our lives, we cannot forget to pay little attention also to safeguard the correct use of the mobile phone. The smartphone or any electronic device exposed to high temperatures could cause overheating and, in some cases, ruin the battery. Make sure not to expose your phone, tablet or computer for a long time under the sun’s rays and when you notice that the battery is starting to overheat, store it in a cool and shady place for a while. Excessive use and exposure to sunlight could affect the performance of your phone.

In conclusion, to beat the heat, a cooling towel can prove essential. The peculiarity is the sensation of freshness it gives to the skin due to the composition of the fabric and the process of evaporation of the water. Read the article “How a cooling towel works” to find out what makes it different from other towels and why more and more people are choosing it in everyday life.

Stay fresh when traveling!

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The 3 steps needed to activate the sensation of freshness as described in the post.

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