Using a dry bag: everything you should know

The dry bag or waterproof backpack has been designed to protect and isolate the content from water, dust, dirt and sand. But why should you bring a waterproof backpack on travel? In this guide, you will find everything you need to know.


  • PROTECTION. If completely sealed, dry bags perform a very important function: isolate the contents and protect them from water, snow, humidity, dirt, dust, mud, sand, insects. Electronic devices, telephones, clothes and any travel equipment remain isolated inside the dry bag, even in the event of sudden thunderstorms.
  • NO WORRIES. Thanks to the hermetic sealing, you don’t need to worry that something can fall out of your dry bag and therefore be lost along the path or that your clothes can get wet in case of rain. Fewer thoughts will let you fully enjoy your trip and your outdoor activities.
  • MULTIFUNCTIONAL. During camping, a dry bag can be used not only to store wet/dry clothes or serve as a bucket for water, but it is also useful to bring snacks as they keep humidity and insects away. Go on reading and I will give you some creative ideas to use a dry bag.


  • RISK OF MILDEW. If the bag has been stored or sealed with drops of water some moisture inside, it is likely that mold, mildew or other bacteria will grow. To avoid this, always make sure to store it dry.
  • RISK OF PUNCTURES AND TEARS. Although the material is sturdy enough, it is possible that the dry bag may hit stones or get stuck in the branches. In case of tears or abrasions, it is not easy to repair it and this can affect the waterproofness. It is essential to use it carefully to ensure a longer-lasting.


Dry bags
are simple to use and can make a difference during outdoor activities, trekking
and while traveling. The hermetic roll-top closure requires 3 steps:

  1. Insert the content and remove the excess air from the bag,
  2. Roll the top down for 3 times (even 5 times for a greater the water-tight),
  3. Buckle the clips and adjust the shoulder straps according to your body height.


Dry bags
can have various sizes measured in liters (as in backpacks) according to use
and need. At first glance, they may seem large but once rolled up, you can
notice that the space available reduces. Sometimes buying two different sizes
is like having a suitable dry bag for any occasion.

For example, we suggest the most popular 10-liter and 20-liter sizes that easily adapt to any occasion: travel, excursions, water sports, winter sports, camping and why not, even in the gym, swimming pool and on rainy days!

We have chosen two colors for both sizes, light blue and black, so that they can be used during mountain trekking but also in the city, easy to combine them according to the colors. For example, the light blue dry bag can be used in camping, because it is more evident in the grass, while the black one can be matched your urban style while traveling in the city.


Dry bags
perform the same function but not all models are the same, each style has its
own peculiarities.

  • ZIPPER. Some dry bags are equipped with zippers. This is a easy closure but over time they could break and the dry bag would lose its waterproof function. They also require proper lubrication and care to prevent it from breaking.
  • ROLL-TOP. This is the type of closure of our dry bags. By folding the tops for 3-5 times and closing the buckle, the dry bag becomes completely sealed creating a handle for carrying by hand.
  • SHOULDER STRAPS. Dry bags are often equipped with adjustable shoulder straps for a practical and comfortable carrying. According to the sizes, we have included a shoulder strap in the 10-liter version to carry it comfortably on one shoulder, while the 20-liter version includes two shoulder straps for carrying as a backpack.
  • D-RING. What is the purpose of the D-shaped ring in a dry bag? It is located on the shoulder straps and has been designed to hook carabiners or tie ropes. It could be useful, for example on the boat, if you want to tie your backpack so as not to let it go with the water flow.
Featured dry bag 20 liters with two shoulder straps included


The dry bag
has been designed to keep your things dry and protected during travel, sport
and outdoor. There are actually alternative ways to use the dry bag that will
make it an essential accessory during your adventures:

  • PROTECT FROM RAIN. Imagine black clouds in the sky and the rain is about to come, what you want is to protect your electronic devices, documents and all your things. With a tight-sealed dry bag, you can walk in the rain as the water does not penetrate inside and thus continue your trip or your excursion without worries.
  • WATER BUCKET. When camping, a water bucket it is not practical to carry, it would end up being an unnecessary weight that could be avoided by carrying a multifunctional dry bag. You can collect the water from the closest river and take it with you without the risk of leaks.
  • KEEP WET OR DRY CLOTHES AND EQUIPMENT SEPARATED. When traveling with a backpack, it is not easy to keep wet and dry clothes separate in such a little space available. The dry bag can insulate your clothes and make sure they don’t come in contact with everything else. The same goes for trekking shoes or sleeping bags, whatever will be inside the dry bag, it will be isolated from the rest. A reusable and more sustainable choice compared to disposable plastic bags. We talked about this in the post how to protect the planet while traveling.
  • DO LAUNDRY. During every trip or excursion, you will need to wash clothes and the dry bag can help you to do this, without spending money on the laundry service. Read our post on how to wash clothes while traveling.
  • EMERGENCY PILLOW. If filled with clothes and well sealed, the dry bag can be soft enough to be used as an emergency pillow during waiting times or when camping. You can treat yourself a few hours of sleep with all your things safe and under control.
  • TO STORE LIQUIDS IN THE BACKPACK. To reduce the risk that some fluids could spill inside the backpack, you can use a dry bag to store liquids such as bottles of water, shower gel, soaps and so on.


  • On a trip
  • While trekking and hiking
  • In the beach
  • During water sports (canoeing, kayaking, rafting …)
  • During winter sports (skiing, snowboarding …)
  • In daily life (swimming pool, gym, free time)

Now that you have learned all the advantages of having a dry bag, why don’t you take a look at our shop? With just a few grams of weight, you can have a multifunctional backpack that will accompany you on all your adventures: from travel to excursion, from the sea to the mountains.


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