What is a laser pointer good for? Everything you need to know about a laser pointer

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If you are reading this post, surely you have wondered what is a laser pointer good for and how you can use it.

The first use that came to our mind is to highlight the points of the presentations at school or during meetings. Actually, a laser can have many more uses.

Read our post to learn what a laser pointer is good for and why you should bring one while hiking or outdoor activities.

What is a laser pointer?

The word laser is the acronym for “light amplification by stimulated emission of radiation“. The radiation is meant the light emitted by the laser that may or may not be visible to the human eye.

The pointer is a portable and practical low-cost laser to be used for various purposes producing a bright beam that can reach several hundred meters away.

The laser light beam can have different colors based on the use you want to do:

  • The red laser is mainly used in low light environments because the color is stronger and so more visible.
  • The green laser is used in high-performance professional equipment and suitable for environments lit by natural light. The cost is considerably higher and the energy consumption is greater.
  • The blue, purple and yellow lasers are also growing in popularity, but the red color remains the most used with a better value for money.

Our 12×50 mm monocular telescope with laser function

What is a laser pointer good for?

You can use a laser pointer for many things. On the market, there are lasers for a daily use with low power and lasers for professional use that often may incur restrictions. Find out the alternative uses of a laser pointer to make the best use of it.

Presentations and slides

This is certainly the most common use of a laser pointer. During meetings, the light allows the speaker to easily indicate points on the whiteboard or slides, without moving continuously.

Point out the stars

Due to the characteristic of being able to reach distant points, the laser beam allows you to point out stars and constellations. Useful during group night excursions.

Light shows

Higher power lasers are used to create light shows (in compliance with safety standards) so that they are visible and clear even from a distance. They are generally used to create special effects in discos, parties and outdoor concerts.

Point out warehouse inventory

When you want to indicate distant objects positioned at the top and difficult to reach, a laser pointer can simplify the work. Useful especially in the warehouse.

Various application fields

The laser is used in various sectors such as medicine, research, industry, as well as in several commercial products.

Why should you bring a laser pointer while hiking?

Laser pointers are often used during hiking, camping and mountain trekking. Experienced hikers recommend bringing one for different reasons:

  • You can use a laser during excursions to attract attention by sending signals in case of an emergency as well as indicate your position.
  • In case of wild animals, light can help distract the animal.
  • During group excursions, the laser pointer is practical for indicating distant points, plants, historical places and gathering points.

Aiming the light beam directly at people or animals is dangerous, circle the objects accompanying the light with circular movements. This little precaution limits the risk of damaging the eyes of distant subjects.

Are laser pointers dangerous?

Laser pointers are professional tools that can reach distant points and if used incorrectly they can be dangerous.

A high-powered laser pointed at the sky can be extremely dangerous. Airplanes often look like stars and the light beam reaching long distances can cause serious accidents.

Aiming a laser at airplanes, trains, boats and every kind of means of transport is not just dangerous but also illegal.

If pointed directly at the eyes, even for a few seconds, the laser beam can cause irreparable damage. In some cases, it can lead even to sight loss. Even though common lasers have low power, you need to pay particular attention and never point the light directly at the eyes of people and animals.

Never look into the laser light beam, either with the naked eye or through optical instruments such as monoculars and binoculars. Pay attention to mirrors: the beam reflected on reflective surfaces has the same power as a direct beam.

Since the laser pointer is not a toy, keep it out of the reach of children.

Why are our monocular telescopes ideal for excursions?

Our monocular telescopes are not simple observation tools: they have all the necessary features for mountain excursions. In addition to the main function, that is, to guarantee a clear observation, they also have additional functions such as light, laser and compass.

During the excursions, you happen to identify paths or to find shelters. The monocular becomes practical precisely for its lightness and compactness compared to a classic binocular. Especially because of the integrated features, it becomes more multifunctional and adaptable to different situations.

The laser function, just as mentioned so far, makes the monocular particularly useful during mountain walks. The same goes for light: whether it’s hiking or traveling, it can prove fundamental.

To complete the necessary functions during outdoor activities, the compass can help you guide the path.

For landscape lovers, the monocular also fits perfectly with this. The smartphone holder allows you to hook the phone to the lens and take photos at close range. By stabilizing the monocular on the tripod, you can have fixed observations and sharp images.

Read our guide to attach the smartphone to the phone and take care of the lenses.

Our 12×50 mm monocular telescope with smartphone holder

Four functions in a simple monocular:

1. Close observation,

2. Light function,

3. Laser function,

4. Integrated compass.

You can use the monocular both with the hand or connected to the tripods.

Now that you have learned what a pointer is good for, find out more about our 12×50 mm monocular with integrated laser function and look beyond with Royal Eagle Road.


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