Why do more and more women decide to travel alone?

In recent years, more and more people decide to travel alone. There is no wonder that even many women decide to go on an adventure only with a backpack on their shoulders.

“Aren’t you afraid of traveling without a friend?”, “Don’t you think you will feel alone?” these are just a few questions that solo travelers are asked before leaving for a trip.

Going solo backpacking for the first time is not easy, but the desire to travel goes beyond every fear.

As a solo woman traveler, during my trips I had the opportunity to meet many women who shared the same way of traveling. My curiosity pushed me to ask: “Why did you decide to leave alone?” The answers were different and for this reason, I decided to list 10 reasons why traveling alone is worthwhile:

1. No friends to share the experience with

When it’s time to plan a trip with friends, everyone is excited about leaving, but when about to book the trip, some changes of mind come up. Some friends have already been there, others prefer a different itinerary, others adopt a travel approach different from ours. So, the most obvious solution is to not give up the experience and leave on your own. The way is full of people to share the experience with.

2. Arrange work and holidays

Finding convenient time among friends is not that easy: work, family and holiday doesn’t always have the same timing. That is why more and more travelers are choosing to book a last-minute flight and go traveling alone.

3. Different preferences and habits

Everyone has different habits and lifestyles and during the trip, it could be difficult to find common ground: accommodation, itinerary, means of transport, food. If you and your friends are not on the same wavelength, it is difficult to live the journey as you wish. Traveling alone means keeping up with your pace and respecting your habits.

4. Look for unique experiences

Each journey is magical in its own way and often solo travelers are looking for unique and authentic experiences that go beyond the classic itineraries: off the beaten paths, little-known places, hidden gems, attractions not listed in the tourist guides, all lead you to the heart of a culture and offer you an unforgettable experience.

5. Travel to find yourself

Travelling has a different meaning in each of us. For some travelers go backpacking corresponds to an introspective journey in search of the inner self, a solution to overcome difficult periods or a way to reflect before making important decisions. A solo trip can help you to challenge yourself as well as overcome difficulties and fears.

6. Learn a new foreign language

A trip abroad, not only teaches you a lot about the culture and customs of a country, but also allows you to immerse yourself in the study of the language. You do not always need to attend classes to learn a new language, just be curious, attentive and motivated to start conversations with the locals. When you travel alone, there is no embarrassment in talking to strangers because no travel companion can do it for you. So what better time to learn or improve a foreign language? Start with some words related to travel that cannot be translated in english

7. Meet new people

Traveling solo does not mean feeling alone. It may seem a contradiction, but when you travel alone, you have to opportunity to know more people than you can imagine. When traveling with a group, we often share all the experiences with our buddies and socialize less with other travelers. On the contrary, when traveling alone, we are willing to meet new people and share moments with travelers from all over the world. Read our post on how to make friends during your trip.

8. Celebrate events

Easter, Christmas, New Year, birthdays, promotions, every event deserves the right celebration. Travel could be the gift you need.

9. Save money

The urban legend says that traveling alone more expensive than a group trip. In most part of cases that’s not true. The choice of accommodation, transportation, meals, attractions, everything is completely up to you. This means that you can travel according to your budget without spending a fortune.

10. Appreciate the sense of freedom

Freedom is priceless and solo travelers know it well. There is no time or destination restriction, everything depends only on you. Changing the itinerary and questioning the list of priorities whenever you feel like can make your trip even more pleasant.

How to travel solo for the first time

If you want
to travel alone for the first time, go on reading the suggestion of those who
have faced the same very first difficulties but now cannot help but taking a
backpack and getting ready for an adventure:

  • Search carefully information about the destination. Detailed researches about the destination are fundamental before leaving. Try to seek suggestions from other travelers and inquire about vaccinations needed and entry visas required in the country you are visiting.
  • Consider in advance accommodation and transport. Accommodation can have a big impact on our trip. Look for a central location and not too far from the places you plan to visit. When planning your trip, find out how to get around the city, the means of transport, the bus stop closest to your location and everything that allows you to get familiar with the city even before leaving.
  • Plan the trip. Planning the trip and creating the itinerary cannot be overlooked, especially if you are traveling to a foreign country for the first time. An itinerary, even if not detailed, can help you get an idea of ​​where to go and what to see. No need to plan every single moment of the day, just take note of all the attractions and must-see places that are nearby: you can save time walking in a given area per day and you will limit the risk of getting lost in the alleys. Give a look at our posts in the website.
  • Pack light. When traveling alone it is advisable not to bring too bulky backpacks so as not to catch your eye of pickpockets. Try your best to travel light.
  • Choose your travel equipment carefully. In addition to the search for must-see destinations, local cuisine and outstanding scenery, it is also important to take a moment to carefully choose the travel equipment that will accompany you on your first solo trip. We here at Royal Eagle Road suggest you travel with a backpack and the reasons are all explained in the article why choose a backpack for your next trip.

The backpacks we suggest are the result of many years of solo travel experience and for this reason, we decided to custom design them. Features such as reflective bands to ensure visibility even when traveling at night or in low light conditions and whistle on the chest straps of the Santiago 45 liters and Himalaya 65 liters models, guarantee greater safety for every kind of travel.

Whistle on chest straps and padded back panel on the background. Featured backpack Himalaya 65 liters

The shoulder straps and the back panels of all the backpacks shown on the site (Brigante 28 liters, Santiago 45 liters and Himalaya 65 liters) are both padded to ensure comfort and the mesh fabric creates air circulation. The shoulder straps, chest straps and lumbar belts of all three models are adjustable also to the physical conformation of women. In addition, the Himalaya 65 liter back system can be adapted to your height to fit snugly on your back for correct use.

Padded adjustable back panel. Featured backpack Himalaya 65 liters

Discover our Brigante 28 liters suitable for trekking and weekend getaways, Santiago 45 liters for longer excursions and day trips and the Himalaya 65 liters backpack for long excursions and intercontinental travel. We ship in Europe!

  • 28-liters-trekking-and-travel-backpack-
    Brigante 28 L backpack


  • 45-liters-trekking-and-travel-backpack-
    Santiago 45 L backpack


  • 65-liters-trekking-and-travel-backpack-
    Himalaya 65 L backpack


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