8 tips to survive long-haul flights

Are you considering the idea of ​​spending the holidays abroad but the fear of long-distance flights keeps you from booking a flight? Don’t let long air travel put the brakes on your desire to discover the beauties of the world!

Prepare yourself mentally for your new adventure but always think positive: once you land, the reward for so many hours will be great!

The biggest fear often comes from thinking about the hours of distance rather than the destination itself.

Keep yourself mentally busy by concentrating on thinking about why you decided to go and spend the time reading a book, listening to a podcast, sorting out the travel itinerary, freeing the phone’s memory from unnecessary photos and old messages.

Do what best keeps your mind away from boredom and fear or take the opportunity to relax and charge the batteries for your new adventure … You’ll need it!

You would like to spend the hours on the plane by resting a little but you can’t find the most comfortable position and you find yourself staring at the window, hoping to put your feet on the ground as soon as possible. Follow our suggestions to tackle long-haul flights in the best way!

8 tips to survive long-haul flights

1. Keep the essentials handy

Bring with you everything you need to spend the flight’s hours in serenity like pillow, mask and earplug for sleeping, books and electronic devices to kill the time and snacks to munch on. Keep handy what you think you’ll need so you don’t have to disturb the passengers next to you every time you need to take something from your bag.

2. Dress comfortably

To give yourself a rest on the plane, wear clothes that make you feel comfortable. Yes to leggings, sports suits, sweatshirts, baggy jeans and stretchable shoes to facilitate blood circulation. Remember to wear a hooded sweatshirt to avoid direct contact with the headrest and a scarf to cover the neck with air conditioning. Give a look at our handy pocket towels that can also help protect your throat from air conditioning.

3. Hide wallet and valuables

Don’t let your guard down, even when you’re sleeping. Hide your wallet, phone and all valuables well inside the bag and keep it stuck under your legs or under your arms, so that if someone is tempted to take it away, you’ll notice it and you’ll wake up.

4. Stay hydrated

Moisture in aircraft cabins can cause dehydration. Drink lots of water and avoid the consumption of alcohol and caffeine both before and during the flight. They can cause dehydration. A handy tip: always carry an empty bottle with you and fill it in the airport’s dispensers after passing the checks. In addition to saving you money on the purchase of disposable bottles, the thermal bottles are designed to keep drinks hot for 12 hours and cold for 24 hours. Find out our stainless steel thermal bottles available in 350 ml and 500 ml capacity.

5. Moisturize the skin

Not many people really think about the skin and how much it suffers when our body is not very hydrated. Especially if the flight is particularly long, apply a bit of moisturizer to look fresher once landed at your destination.

6. Walk whenever you can

Sitting in the same position, especially on long flights, is very tiring. To activate blood circulation, take a short walk from time to time and make rotary movements with your neck, move your legs slightly and raise your toes. Be careful not to disturb your seat neighbors, remember that you are on the plane, not in the gym!

7. Bring pillow and blanket with you

To make sure you can rest properly in flight, bring an inflatable pillow and a foldable cover with you so you don’t have to use the ones provided by the airline. Alternatively, you can use a rather large cloak or scarf to cover yourself. If your body is warm, you have a better chance to take a nap!

8. Travel light

It may seem trivial but not everyone thinks that traveling with bulky backpacks under the seat, pouches loaded on the hips and voluminous bags on the legs prevent movement and make it difficult for us to sleep on an airplane. For this reason you should travel light and choose smaller hand luggage so that you have more space under your feet and freedom of movement.

If you have read all our tips, you are ready for long flights. That’s great! Now all you have to do is prepare your hand luggage and go!

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